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Waste Prevention

Best Practices

Effective strategies to promote public awareness of waste prevention and to reduce the generation of specific types of waste are already operating in EU Member States and abroad. Practices have been selected to demonstrate excellent examples of informational, promotional and regulatory measures to stimulate the prevention of waste. They were selected in consideration of the following criteria:

  • Targeted: Practices have a strong waste prevention focus, clearly distinct from other waste management strategies or broad environmental goals
  • Innovative: Practices use original or resourceful techniques for waste prevention
  • Replicable: Practices can be easily reproduced and are similarly relevant in regions across Europe
  • Representative: Practices originate from a wide range of countries, operate at national, regional and local level, and target a variety of waste streams
  • Effective: Practices have clearly defined objectives and measurable results

Below you will find factsheets on the selected waste prevention best practices. The factsheets summarise each initiative, describing the regional background, policy context and targeted waste stream. The objectives, means and results of each initiative are explained, accompanied by resources for further information: