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Waste Prevention Guidelines

A guidance document has been prepared to support Member States when developing Waste Prevention Programmes (as required by the Waste Framework Directive). The handbook clarifies the main concepts related to waste prevention, suggesting a framework to develop Waste Prevention Programmes and providing best practices and examples of national and regional programmes employing an effective mix of measures. It also includes a list of further resources on waste prevention theory and practice.

Specific guidelines have been prepared to address food waste. "Guidelines on the preparation of food waste prevention programmes" are aimed primarily at national policymakers developing National Waste Prevention Programmes as required by the 2008 Waste Framework Directive. They can also support policymakers in developing national strategies for biodegradable municipal waste required under the Landfill Directive, and can be a useful tool for waste management organisations, businesses, institutions, local authorities and environmental protection agencies and other actors dealing with food waste. Key sectors addressed in the guidelines include local authorities, households, the hospitality industry, the retail supply chain, businesses and institutions (such as schools and hospitals).