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Directive 75/439/EEC on waste oils

Consultation Document

Deadline for comments: 04/03/2005

What this consultation is about

The elaboration of the Strategy on the Prevention and Recycling of Waste includes an assessment of existing waste policies. In this regard the Waste Oil Directive will, as with the Waste Framework Directive, undergo a more detailed examination.

In particular, two developments necessitate a re-evaluation of the Waste Oils Directive.

Firstly, the Waste Oils Directive is the oldest EU legislative act on waste. Since the adoption of this Directive, many provisions have been adequately covered by other legislative acts. This has created overlaps which should be removed in order to have clearer, simpler legislation.

Secondly, the Waste Oils Directive is based on the assumption that regeneration is better for the environment than any other form of treatment because energy is scarce. However, from an environmental point of view, each treatment operation should be judged principally in terms of how much impact it has on the environment. This approach, differentiating between scarcity and impact as environmental problems, was outlined in the Commission Communication "Towards a Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources".


With the intention to consult stakeholders on this subject we have prepared the following questions on which we would welcome comments.

Please respect our instructions for responding to the questionnaire.

Comments must reach the Commission latest 04/03/2005.

Please send your comments to:      

European Commission
Deadline for comments: 04/03/2005
Martin Pohlmann
Environment Directorate-General/G4
B - 1049 Brussels