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Useful Information

Information on islands and isolated settlements exempted by Member States under Article 3(4) of the Landfill Directive

Pursuant to Article 3(4) of the Landfill Directive, Member States may declare parts or all of Articles 6(d), 7(i), 8(a)(iv), 10, 11(1)(a), (b) and (c), 12(a) and (c), Annex I, points 3 and 4, Annex II except point 3, level 3, and point 4, and Annex III, points 3 to 5 to this Directive not applicable to:

A) landfill sites for non-hazardous or inert wastes with a total capacity not exceeding 15 000 tonnes or with an annual intake not exceeding 1 000 tonnes serving islands, where this is the only landfill on the island and where this is exclusively destined for the disposal of waste generated on that island. Once the total capacity of that landfill has been used, any new landfill established on the island shall comply with the requirements of this Directive;

B) landfill sites for non-hazardous waste or inert waste in isolated settlements if the landfill is destined for the disposal of waste generated only by that isolated settlement.

By 16 July 2003, Member States had to notify the Commission of the list of islands and isolated settlements that are exempted. The Commission shall publish the list of islands and isolated settlements.

To date, the Commission has received such lists from two Member States:

  • Spain Ellinika English
  • Greece Ellinika English