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Hazardous Waste

Directive 91/689/EEC on hazardous waste


Instructions for responding to the questionnaire:

  • Your comments should be sent to the Commission by 12/03/2005 at the latest

  • Please send answers by email to

  • The answer should be sent preferably in a pdf- or word-format

  • By submitting your comment, you automatically give permission to the Commission to publish your comments on the DG Environment web site unless you specify otherwise in your email. The European Union is committed to user privacy, and details of the personal data protection policy can be found at

  • We are happy to receive stakeholder opinions on the two questions, but we would in addition welcome any data on economic, environmental and social impacts of the considered options. If you only have information on one or some of these aspects or only one or some of the questions, then this is of course better than no response at all

  • Your comments could include information on the main stakeholders affected and how they will be affected, benefits and costs (financial/economic, social, environmental, other), and explanation of underlying assumptions and degree of uncertainty

  • The current legal and policy framework should be the benchmark

  • Please provide as much as possible quantitative data on a European scale. However, if you only have qualitative information and/or relating to one or a few Member States only, this can still be useful to us

  • If you are considering specific local conditions, please specify what these conditions are and to which geographical area they correspond

  • It might be useful to illustrate the impacts you describe with concrete examples

  • Please include supporting data and information, and indicate sources and data collection method, including an internet link when available

  • If some of the supporting data/information is not available in a format that can be included in this questionnaire (e.g. paper copy of a report), please send this separately by normal mail accompanied with a copy your filled questionnaire to the following address, mentioning Extended Impact Assessment on the envelope:

Marianne Klingbeil
Head of Unit
European Commission
DG Environment