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Support to Implementation - Municipal Waste - First Phase

A new report from the European Commission shows how municipal waste is managed in the EU27 by grading Member States via 18 criteria using green, orange and red flags. The scoreboard is part of an on-going screening report that will help Member States improve their waste management performance. The Commission used the report to prepare Fact sheets – a diagnosis of the situation - and Roadmaps – including recommendations - for the ten less classified Member States. These roadmaps have been discussed with national authorities at bilateral seminars during the autumn 2012 (the dates of the bilateral seminars available from here).

A final high level seminar has been organized on 19th of March 2013 in presence of representatives of the 10 selected Member States. The seminar was opened by Commissioner Potočnik. The seminar agenda is available here and the related press release is available from here. The presentations given during this seminar are available from here:

The final version of the factsheets and roadmaps are available from the following links. The 10 selected Member States were offered to react to these documents with a note on the Roadmaps which are also available from the following links (for those Member States having provided such note).  Additional analysis on municipal waste management for all Member States achieved by the European  Environment Agency and published in March 2013 is available from here.

The final report was published on 7 May 2013 and can be found here.