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Waste Framework Directive

Guidance document on the Waste Framework Directive

Proper implementation, application and enforcement of EU waste legislation are among the key priorities of EU environmental policy. Directive 2008/98/EC on waste known as the Waste Framework Directive repeals the previous Directive 2006/12 on waste and Directives 75/439/EEC and 91/689/EEC regarding waste oils and hazardous waste, respectively.  The revised Waste Framework Directive applies from 12 December 2010 and introduces new provisions in order to boost waste prevention and recycling as part of the waste hierarchy and clarifies key concepts namely, the definitions of waste, recovery and disposal and lays down the appropriate procedures applicable to by-products and to waste that ceases to be waste. Since the date of application of the Waste Framework Directive, many questions regarding its interpretation and application have been raised by national authorities and stakeholders.

This guidance document is intended to assist both national authorities and economic operators with the aforementioned legislation. This document may be revised in the future, according to the further development of European waste management policy.