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Extended Impact Assessment on the Thematic Strategy on the Prevention and recycling of waste

Consultation Document

Comments accepted until 24 September 2004

What this consultation is about

The consultation on Communication COM(2003)301 towards a thematic strategy on the prevention and recycling of waste was completed on 30 November 2003. Within the framework of the consultation on this Communication stakeholders were given the opportunity to communicate their positions and concerns on environmental, economic, and social aspects related to this Communication that could be of interest for the development of an extended impact assessment. This was the first phase of a comprehensive consultation of stakeholders conducted for the preparation of the Extended Impact Assessment for the Thematic Strategy.

The Commission services are now in the process of drafting the Extended Impact Assessment for the final Thematic Strategy and are launching the second phase of the stakeholder consultation on the Extended Impact Assessment. Stakeholders are given the possibility to communicate in writing data and information on the potential environmental, economic, and social implications of a number of options to be submitted to an Extended Impact Assessment. We would particularly welcome any quantitative data on economic, social or environmental impacts, and/or concrete examples of what the options would mean for a given set of stakeholders.

For more information on impacts assessments conducted by the Commission to inform its major decisions see /governance/suivi_lb_en.htm

Background and handling

The 6th Environment Action Programme decision calls for a number of measures to be adopted to further promote waste prevention and recycling, including a thematic strategy on the recycling of waste and initiatives in the field of waste prevention, notably proposals on Community waste prevention targets.

The Commission is currently developing a Thematic Strategy that will cover both waste prevention and recycling. It will identify the most efficient combination of measures and targets necessary to promote more sustainable waste management. The strategy will include a number of complementary policy options covering or affecting areas such as waste prevention waste recycling, and the European waste recovery market.

The most significant of these options are set out in the questionnaire below, and we would like stakeholders to focus their answers on the potential impacts of the listed alternatives. However, we are aware that the impact of a policy option can vary according to other measures that are taken or not taken in combination with it. To assist in assessing these combinations, and to allow stakeholders to see how various policy options might fit together, an annex  is provided containing some potential scenarios for the overall EU waste policy direction . If you wish to provide information on a combination of policy options, there is a box at the end of the questionnaire for that purpose.

Please refer to Commission Communication COM (2003)301 towards the Thematic Strategy on the prevention and recycling of waste for more information on the context around the options that are being considered. This Communication also includes more details on commonly used terms, concepts or abbreviations that are used in the questionnaire.

Comments must reach the Commission latest 24 September 2004.

To send your comments, fill in the consultation form  and press the submit button.