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Biodegradable Waste




  • The Commission supports extensive research in the area of biodegradable plastics. The Community funded BIOMAT website gives details on the extensive amount of bioplastic research that has been carried out over the past 15 years under the different framework programmes. There is substantial potential for research projects on bioplastics under the Seventh Framework Programme (2006 - 2010) across several themes, and particularily from the biorefinery and microbial routes. For more information on Community funding opportunities for research, see also:

  • Heavy metals and organic compounds from wastes used as organic fertilisers (July 2004)

Executive Summary (pdf~168K)
Final Report (pdf~3Mb)
Annex 1 (pdf~100K)
Annex 2 (pdf~210K)
Annex 3 (pdf~260K)
Annex 4 (pdf~75K)
Annex 5 (pdf~71K)
Annex 6 (pdf~110K)

  • Economic analysis of options for managing biodegradable municipal waste (2002)

Executive Summary (pdf~50K)
Final Report (pdf~ 1,200K)
Appendices (pdf~1,020K)

  • Preliminary Impact Assessment for an Initiative on the Biological Treatment of Biodegradable Waste (2004)

Final Report (pdf~ 655K)