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Revision of Directive 91/157/EEC on batteries
Contributions to the Battery Stakeholder Consultation

The following list of contributors does not give the names of those contributors who have specifically requested confidentiality (8 in total). The names of the contributors appear in a classification used by the Commission services only for purpose of this publication on-line. This classification does not bear any relation to the order in which the contributions have been received, nor does it give any judgement on the relative importance of the contributions.

Member States

French Ministry of Environment
Greek Ministry of Environment
Spanish Ministry of Environment
Swedish Ministry of Environment
UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
Dutch Ministry of Environemnt
Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Acceding States

Czech Republic Ministry of Environment
Latvia Ministry of Environment
Slovakia government Waste management department

Other States

Mission of PR of China to the EU
Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the EU
Swiss Agency for the Environment

Local and Regional Authorities

Basildon District Council (UK)
Council of European Municipalities and Regions
County Surveyors Society (CSS, UK)
Finish Maritime Administration
Local Government Association (UK)
Mayor of Municipality of Oskarshamn (SE)

Battery Associations

AGEFA (Association for importers and wholesalers of EEE and national battery assocation (PT)
ANIE-CSI Portable Battery Group (IT)
ANIE-CSI Battery Group (IT)
Asimelec (ES)
Battery International Council (Japan)
BatteriForeningen (DE)
British Battery Manufacturer Assocation (BBMA) (UK)
Czech Portable Battery Association (CZ)
Battery International Council (USA)
European Battery Recycling Association (EBRA)
European Portable Battery Association (EPBA)
EUROBAT (industrial and automotive batteries manufacturers and suppliers)
Finnish Battery Association (FI)
FRANBAT (French Industrial and automotive battery manufacturers), see EUROBAT
Hungary Portable Battery Association
Polish Portable Battery Association (PPBA)
Portable Rechargeable Battery Association (PRBA)
Syndicat des Fabricants de piles et Accumulateurs portables (SPAP)
Stowarzyszenie Producentów i Importerów Akumulatorów i Baterii w Polsce SPIAB (Association of Battery Producers and Importers in Poland)
Swedish Battery Association
Umweltforum Batterien (UFB)
ZVEI Fachverband Batterien (DE)

Cadmium Associations

International Cadmium Association

Joint Industry Positions

Battery Industry Coalition (CollectNiCad - EPBA - EUROBAT)
Joint submission of EUROMETAUX - EPBA - EUROBAT - CollectNiCad

NGOs and consumer organisations

Action Santé Environnement
EEB (European Environmental Bureau)
NABU (German branch of BirdLife Environment)
Tierra Incognita (petition against cadmium signed by approx. 700 people)

Economic operators

AEG - SVS Power Supply Systems GmbH (DE)
AEG Computer and Industrial Systems AB (SE)
Aero Quality Sales Ltd (UK)
Alcad Ltd AB (SE)
Alcatel (FR)
Alstom Transport (FR)
Alstom Transportation (USA)
AMCO Power Systems Ltd (India)
Black & Decker Europe
Banverket (SE)
Benning (FR)
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF)
Bombardier Transportation AB (SE)
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe UB-Strassenbahn (DE)
CBS Chargeurs Batteries Services (FR)
Chloride Industrial Systems SA (FR)
Czech Railways (CZ)
Evenbat Gioia s.r.l. (IT)
Famostar (NL)
Ferak (CZ)
Flourishing Transportation Facilities Co Ltd (Taiwan)
Forges Bazar (Morocco)
Gaz Battery GmbH (DE)
G&P Batteries Ltd (UK)
Gépébus (FR)
Germanos SA (EL)
Hansabattery Oy (FI)
IB Industrial Batteries Ltd (UK)
INCO Europe Ltd (UK)
INMETCO International Metals Reclamation Company Inc (USA)
Iverlux (ES)
Keolis (FR)
Kraftelektronic (SE)
MSD Site&Power UAD
Mouret SA (FR)
Nedtrain (NL)
Northern Lighthouse Board (UK)
NSB Norwegian State Railways (NO)
Saft IBG (Morocco)
Saft UK
Saft Oskarhamn (SE)
Saft Nersac (FR)
Saft Bordeaux (FR)
Saft B.V. (NL)
Sanyo Energy Europe (DE)
Siemens AS (NO)
Solar Elektro B.V. (NL)
Sonlux GmbH (DE)
Sonnenschein Lithium GmbH (DE)
Sumitomo Corporation (Japan)
Tadiran (Israel)
Tadiran Batteries (USA)
Technid (IT)
Volvo (SE)
VR Ltd (UK)
Zeleznicna spolocnost a.s. Bratislava (ZSSK) (SI)

Other (trade) associations

Association Minéraux, Métaux non Ferreux, Santé et Environnement (AMSE) (FR)
British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) (UK)
British Retail Consortium (BRC) (UK)
CECED - European Committee of Domestic Appliance Manufacturers
C.E.L.M.A.Federation of National Manufacturers Associations for Luminaires and Electrotechnical Components for Luminaires in the European Union
CLEPA (association of automotive supplies), see EUROBAT (FR)
European Power Tool Association (EPTA)
Environmental Services Association (ESA)
EU Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce
EURO COOP is the European Community of Consumer Co-operatives
EuroCommerce a.i.b.s. (Business Representation of the Retail, International Trade and Wholesale sectors to the European Union)
Eurofer (European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries)
Federation of Electricity and Electronics (FEE) (BE)
Fachverband der Elektro und Elektronikindustry (FEI) (AT)
FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation)
GISEL (association for emergency lighting manufacturers) (FR)
Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) (USA)
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) (USA)
National Household Hazardous Waste Forum (NHHF)
Power Tool Institute, Inc (USA)
RMI Retail Motor Industry Federation (UK)
SMMT (trade association for the motor industry) (UK)
Swedish Federation of Trade (SE)

Academic Contributions

Veronika Langrova (CZ)

(pdf~16K - 5M)