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The preparation of the Strategy

Developing the Strategy was quite a process in itself (read "Soil Protection - The story behind the strategy").

The Commission launched the consultation process in February 2003. It involved the EU Member States, Candidate Countries, European Institutions, Networks of Regional and Local Authorities and a broad community of European-wide Stakeholder Organisations: Civil Society, NGO, Research, Industry and International and professional Organisations.

An Advisory Forum and five Working Groups were set up, which produced the following reports:

Building on the results of previous discussions with stakeholders, the Commission sought to elicit relevant opinions from stakeholders on specific measures being considered for inclusion in the Thematic Strategy. To that effect, it launched the following internet consultation in 2005:

Communication of the Commission "Towards a Thematic Strategy on Soil Protection" (COM(2002)179)

In response to concerns about the degradation of soils in the EU the Commission published in April 2002 a Communication "Towards a Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection". This was the first occasion on which the Commission has addressed soil protection for its own sake and therefore the Communication is both broad and descriptive in approach as well as charting the way forward. It outlined the first steps to the development of a Thematic Strategy to protect soils in the European Union.

Opinions of the European Institutions