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LIFE+ call for proposals to launch on 15 May

The 2009 call for proposals for LIFE+ projects will be launched on 15 May, from which date applications can be submitted for funding using the package that will be available on the LIFE website. This year, a maximum of €250 million has been earmarked via the EU’s financial instrument for the environment.

The application process is expected to be largely the same as last year and candidates are encouraged to start planning their submission using the 2008 package. Final proposals must be made on the 2009 form, however, which will be available from 15 May. Applications will be accepted by Member States between 15 May and 15 September, before being forwarded to the European Commission for the selection process to begin.

The implementation of ECAP remains among the actions supported through LIFE+.

For further information, visit the LIFE website


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