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LCA to go

PCPM Name: LCA to go
Country: Europe wide
Type of initiative: Information, website, online tools, active/direct support and advice, training
Organisations involved in initiative: Fraunhofer IZM (Germany) - Coordinator; ITR (Poland); TUW (Austria); TUD (Netherlands); ITENE (Spain); EDC (UK); Simpple (Spain); VALSAY (Spain), MicroPro (Ireland); CDAMC (Ireland); Future-Shape (Germany); Eldos (Poland); TTA (Spain); GAIA (Spain); SIRRIS (Belgium); Enterprise Ireland (Ireland); Ihobe (Spain); ITRI (Taiwan); UMC (Taiwan)
Sector:Bio-based plastics; Industrial Machines; Electronics; Renewable energy, Sensors; Smart Textiles
Target: SMEs
Funding: EU Seventh Framework Programme funding (FP7); Private/ SME Support Organisation


The main objective of "LCA to go" is to develop a sector-specific web based open source toolbox for boosting Life Cycle Assessment use in SMEs. Started in 2011, it aims to help SMEs use life cycle assessment (LCA) in product design and in demonstrating outstanding environmental solutions. The project focuses on bio-based plastics, industrial machines, electronics, renewable energy, sensors and smart textiles.

Its key objectives are boosting LCA use in SMEs; development of simplified operative methods and tools, customized for individual sectors; development of sector-specific eco-design and LCA approaches; and the development of a web-based open source toolbox.

The programme is intended to provide direct support to 100 companies to get used to life cycle thinking and to benefit immediately from communicating environmental performance. It includes the development of accredited training courses and numerous "LCA to go" seminars along with the participation in leading technology conferences to get the engineering staff from SMEs involved. The "LCA to go" tool is available for free on the website.

Contact Details

Mr. Karsten Schischke
Tel: +49 30 46403 - 156

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