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SEIS - Shared Environmental Information System Newsletter #2
March 2009

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The SEISnet Newsletter keeps its readers up to date on important developments related to the SEIS initiative and the EU eReporting System as integral part of it.

Issue #1 (Feb 2009)

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- News
- Events
- Cases
- Library
- In support to SEIS
- They talk about SEIS
- Funding for SEIS
- Links of interest

The Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) is a collaborative initiative of the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA). Its objective is to establish together with the Member States an integrated and shared EU-wide information system to simplify monitoring and reporting of environmental data and information.

SEISnet News
CZ: Government approves proposal to facilitate access to spatial information
On 2 March 2009, the Czech Government approved a proposal from the Ministry of Environment to amend the Act on the right to information on the environment. This will enable the public to gain free access to spatial information (maps).
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FR: New online reporting service for pesticides distributors
The French Minister for Sustainable Development launched the Internet site “Phyto licence fee and sales traceability” which aims to make it easier for the distributors of phytosanitary products (pesticides) to comply with their legal duties.
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ES: Downloadable maps of regulated fishing areas of Castile and Leòn
The Government of the autonomous region of Castile and Leòn announced that the cartography of the regulated fishing zones of the region’s waters is being made available online for download.
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BE: Brussels’s environmental information online
On 20 January 2009, the Brussels Institute for the Management of the Environment (referred to as (“Brussels Environment”) announced that a new section -of its website has now been devoted to informing the public on the state of the environment in the Brussels-Capital region.
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FI: Review on the state of the environment published online
For the first time, the Finnish environmental administration has published on its website a general and informative review of the state of the environment in Finland.
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EU: Geo-information in the Third ICT PSP Call for proposals
The eSDI-Net+ project is currently conducting a process of Identification and Analysis of Spatial Data Information (SDI) Best Practices at sub national level. This process will lead to the SDI Best Practice Award at the end of 2009. The application deadline is 22 September 2009.
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SEISnet Events
CZ: 25-27 Mar 2009 - “European Conference Towards eEnvironment 2009”
European Conference of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union – “Towards eEnvironment – Opportunities of SEIS and SISE: Integrating Environmental Knowledge in Europe”
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IT: 4-8 May 2009 - 33rd International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE)
33rd ISRSE under the overall theme of the “use of Earth Observation systems and airborne techniques for understanding and managing the Earth environment and natural resources”
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CZ: 12-13 May 2009 - International Conference “INSPIREd CEE-SDI”
“INSPIREd Central and Eastern European Spatial Data Infrastructures” (CEE-SDI) – International Geospatial conference joint with the Information systems in Agriculture and Forestry (ISAF) Conference 2009
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JP: 21-22 May 2009 - Third GEOSS Sensor Web Workshop
Third GEOSS Sensor Web Workshop
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DE: 2-5 Jun 2009 - 12th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science
The 12th AGILE Conference will address a wide range of topics within the fields of geo-information, geomatics, geocomputation, as well as remote sensing and image interpretation.
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NL: 15-19 Jun 2009 - GSDI 11th World Conference
“Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Convergence – Building SDI Bridges to Address Global Challenges”
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NL: 15-19 Jun 2009 - INSPIRE Conference 2009
Third INSPIRE Conference
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DE: 9-11 Sep 2009 - EnviroInfo 2009 Conference
EnviroInfo 2009 Conference – Environmental Informatics and Industrial Environmental Protection: Concepts, Methods and Tools
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SEISnet Cases
ES: Sextante - A geographic information system for Extremadura
SEXTANTE is a geographical information system (GIS) developed under the auspices of the government of the Spanish autonomous region of Extremadura. The GIS is freely available under GPL license, and incorporates a lot of feedback of the Open Source community. Built to fit the needs of the region's forestry department, the software is fast becoming an important tool for the management of Extremadura's diverse landscape. Its numerous analysis functions set SEXTANTE apart from other geographical information software.
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IT: Spatial Data Infrastructure of Piedmont Region
SITAD (Sistema Informativo Territoriale Ambientale Diffuso) is a regional Spatial Data Infrastructure in Piedmont region (Italy), created in 2003 and developed in line with the European Commission Directive “INSPIRE” (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) and with the most important national initiatives (CNIPA, IntesaGI…)
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SEISnet Library
US: Getting Started with the Central Data Exchange (CDX)
The Central Data Exchange (CDX) is the portal for entry for environmental data into the United States´ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as the EPA´s node on the Environmental Information Exchange Network (Exchange Network), which links EPA, the states, and other stakeholders over the Internet.
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INT/EU: Recommendations on the more effective use of electronic information tools to provide public access to environmental information
Policy recommendations intended to guide the implementation of the UNECE Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice (Aarhus Convention)´s provisions on electronic access and participation at national level.
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AT/EU: Austria on the way to a “European Shared Environmental Information System”
With the amendment to the Environmental Information Act (EIA) 2004, Austria transposed Directive 2003/4/EC on Public Access to Environmental Information into national law at the federal level.
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They talk about SEIS

- EUROGI – European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information
- Research Review March 2009
- ePSI platform
- TimesOfMalta.com
- London Councils European Service
- Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion
In support to SEIS: The EIONET network and Reportnet

Eionet is a partnership network of the European Environment Agency (EEA), five European Topic Centres (ETCs) and a network of around 900 experts from 39 countries in over 300 bodies dealing with environmental information. It aims to provide timely and quality-assured data, information and expertise for assessing the state of the environment in Europe and the pressures acting upon it. Through Eionet, EEA coordinates the delivery nationally validated and high-quality environmental data from individual countries, further disseminated and made accessible through the EEA website. This information serves to support environmental management processes, environmental policy making and assessment, and public participation at national, European and global levels. Reporting environmental data to EEA was first implemented using Reportnet, an established infrastructure, based on a set of inter-related tools which all build on the active use of the web. Now, Reportnet is also hosting some of DG Environment's reporting tasks. It supports and improves data and information flows and it integrates different web services, allowing for distributed responsibilities. The open and transparent system allows for making deliveries to other national and international organisations. For more information visit the EIONET website

Funding for SEIS

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are, inter alia, critical to meet the demands of the European society and economy, with a catalytic impact in the modernisation of public services, advances in technology and innovation. More than 800 million euros are now available for funding in the framework of FP7-ICT-2009-4 Calls.

The Directorate General for the Environment makes funding available through three different programmes, the LIFE fund, the financial instrument for civil protection, the funding of eco-innovation projects, and operating grants to environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Pilot projects and preparatory projects managed by DG Environment can be found in the grants and calls for tender page.

- SEIS Country visit: Lithuania
- 4th “GRID & e-Collaboration Workshop”, 25/02/2009
- INSPIRE: What´s new
- GMES: What´s new
- ePSI plus
- EEA Press releases
- European Commission: Calendar of upcoming events on environmental issues
- European Commission: More Newsletters on Environment
- Aarhus Clearinghouse: Empowering EU citizens session will look at strengthening citizens´ and youth participation in decision-making
- SEMIC.eu
- The project “Semantic Interoperability Centre Europe (SEMIC.EU)” is designed to build a European platform for interoperability assets and services available to the public sector and its stakeholders in Europe. Based upon best practices and a framework of rules and guidelines SEMIC.EU establishes a repository of interoperability assets, such as XML schemas, ontologies and taxonomies, open for reuse by any European eGovernment project.

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