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Resource Efficiency

Ongoing work within the Commission

This section sets out the main areas in which the Commission or its partners are undertaking work on indicators that are useful in measuring progress towards a resource efficient economy.

'Beyond GDP'

The Commission continues its efforts under the 'GDP and beyond' Roadmap to measure societal and economic progress more comprehensively, inter alia by continuing the development of the system of environmental accounts, further integrating environmental externalities into national accounting and developing a composite index on environmental pressures.

Go the the Beyond GDP website

Environmental footprint of products

DG Environment is now working together with the Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) of the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) and other European Commission services towards the development of a harmonised methodology for the calculation of the environmental footprint of products.

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Life-cycle assessment methodologies

Life Cycle Thinking is becoming increasingly fundamental in the development of key environmental policies around the world and is used to inform an array of decision making processes in business. The Commission's JRC is further developing methods to assess the life-cycle impacts of products.

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Land and ecosystem accounting

The EEA is developing ecosystem accounts as part of the System of Economic-Environmental Accounts, which aims supplementing the UN System of National Accounts with information on the environment and natural capital. Ecosystem Accounts are tools that we can use to describe systematically how the quantity and quality of ecosystems, and the ecological structures and processes that underpin them, change over time. Ultimately they can help us understand the costs of such change to people, either in monetary terms or in terms of risks to their health or livelihood.

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