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Mercedes Bresso

Mercedes Bresso

Since 2010, President Bresso leads the Committee of the Regions (CoR), the European Union's assembly of elected regional and local representatives, which provides obligatory advices to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States on key legislation and political initiatives, among others on sustainable development and environment.

Across Europe and beyond, cities and regions are working to weave together financial, environmental and social concerns in mutually supportive and innovative ways, and avoid just rebuilding faulty economies. In particular President Bresso is working to share at global level some key EU grassroots initiatives on resource efficiency, such as the networking between the "European Green Capitals", the "EU Covenant of Mayors" and comparable initiatives from other continents. A first successful step has been taken with the partner cities and regions of the Euro-mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly, she co-presides, as well as in the context of the EU-China Platform for Sustainable Urbanisation and a cooperation between CoR and the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Mercedes Bresso has been the President of the Piedmont Region (Italy) since April 2005, following a period as member of the European Parliament, and a previous mandate as President of the Province of Turin, where her action was highly inspired by the Agenda 21 adopted at the Rio Summit in 1992. She has also served as President of the World Federation of United Cities (UTO), the coordinator of the World Associations of Cities (CAMVAL) and Metrex, a network of European metropolitan areas. She is a Professor of Environmental Economics at the Polytechnic of Turin and is a prolific author on the topic.

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