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Andrea Orlando

Andrea Orlando

Andrea Orlando was born in La Spezia on February 8th, 1969.

Elected in the Liguria district, he is a Member of the Parliament for the Democratic Party since 2006. He has been Member of the Budget, the European Union Policies and the Justice Committees. He has been also Member of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission.

On April 28th 2013, he was appointed by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, as Minister for the Environment, Land and Sea of the Enrico Letta Government.

Andrea Orlando began his political activity very young. In 1990, he was elected in the city Council of La Spezia with the Communist Party (PCI); re-elected with PDS (Democratic Party of the Left) in the following turn, he was group-leader and then called as town councillor, first to the productive activities and then to the territorial planning.

As town coucillor for territorial planning, he actively worked on the approval of the first municipal development plan of Liguria, based on principles of non-urbanized land conservation and the reduction of soil consumption.

In 2003, he became deputy national coordinator of the Organization of the Left Democrats and then, as member of the National Secretariat, responsible for the Local Authorities.

He was one of the Democratic Party founders and he became the first responsible for the Organization in 2007.

Since 2009, he chairs the Justice Forum of the Democratic Party.

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