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Resource Efficiency

New research indicates Sharing Economy is gaining in importance


The People Who Share, a community group movement dedicated to highlighting the virtues of sharing, has released a report on the Sharing Economy, the first in a series that will document its emergence, impact and evolution. The research, entitled ‘The State of the Sharing Economy’, suggests that sharing is gaining global prominence, becoming an addition to the traditional, linear non-circular economic system, and having a considerable impact on lifestyles. Read more…

The emerging concept of the Sharing Economy is based on harnessing the power of reciprocity through sharing to create happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. The report argues that ‘ownership’ is out-dated and that in tomorrow’s world, everyone is a supplier of goods, services and experiences and has the potential to access what they want, on demand, at a price they want. The concept has similarities with the Leasing Economy – a societal model that would give manufacturers an economic incentive to design sustainable products, thus providing the route to a circular and self-supporting economy.

The report indicates that the global Sharing Economy is already estimated to be worth over $533 billion (£330 billion) per annum. Within the UK more specifically, it is valued at £22.4 billion, which is 1.3% of GDP, and is predicted to rise 15% within five years. This growth and valuation has led economists and academics to predict that the new sharing sector will have a significant impact on society.

This topic in this first report of the Sharing Economy series is food sharing, the subject of this year’s campaign by The People Who Share. More than 2,000 people in the UK gave their opinions on food sharing in an online survey for the report, conducted by Opinium Research. The report says that every year tonnes of edible food is sent to landfill while millions of people around the world live in food poverty. To raise further awareness of the Sharing Economy, The People Who Share is running a Global Sharing Day on 2 June 2013 with the aim of setting World Record for the most people sharing food in a single day.

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