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Resource Efficiency

Europe comes together to clean up local neighbourhoods


In a drive to reduce littering in the natural environment and raise awareness of unsustainable production and consumption patterns, European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is co-ordinating a ‘Let’s Clean Up Europe!’ event. This seeks to bring together several clean-up campaigns in a Europe-wide event that will take place on the same day and reach as many citizens as possible. This year’s event will take place on 10 May 2014. Read more…

‘Let’s Clean Up Europe!’ aims to inform the public about the scale of litter and waste problems. It encourages people to voluntarily clean up their neighbourhoods, raise awareness and encourage widespread changes in behaviour. Through participating in the event and helping to clean up their local environment, participants can see, first-hand, how much waste is being dumped in their neighbourhood. This provides a unique opportunity to raise citizens’ awareness about litter problems and encourages behaviour change.

The European Commission is promoting the event, although the event is ‘bottom-up’ in that the clean-ups are independent, local and citizen-led. In many cases, local authorities, non-governmental organisations, businesses and schools will be getting involved or coordinating actions. Clean-up events will be taking place in 15 EU Member States, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Serbia and Turkey.

EWWR and ‘Let’s Clean Up Europe!’ are part of the LIFE project, which is coordinated by the Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management. A set of communication tools has been developed by the organisers and will be made available for all participants via the coordinators.

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