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Resource Efficiency

Commission publishes analysis on quantified targets to meet resource efficiency milestones


The European Commission, DG Environment, has published the initial results of a study analysing the suitability of establishing quantified resource efficiency targets for milestones proposed in the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe. The analysis, ‘Modelling of Milestones for achieving Resource Efficiency’, has specifically looked at whether targets would be attainable, relevant, measurable and available at EU, Member State or sectoral level. Read more…

As a part of the Europe 2020 Strategy the Flagship Initiative for a Resource Efficient Europe establishes the importance of using all types of natural resources efficiently for the European economy and environment. The initiative is expected to boost productivity, increase competitiveness, drive down costs, and secure growth and jobs for Europe.

A framework for achieving future actions and milestones by 2020 is set out in the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, which was published in September 2011. The milestones include strategic goals on key aspects such as the economy, natural capital and ecosystem services, and specific targets for important sectors such as food, mobility and buildings.

The analysis has been carried out by BIO Intelligence Service (France), Cambridge Econometrics (UK), the research institute LEI Wageningen UR (the Netherlands), and the Institute of Social Ecology (Austria). It is the first step towards translating the milestones into quantified targets based on identifying the best available indicators and has been taken into account by the Commission in its work to support the European Resource Efficiency Platform. The study will continue with a literature review of modelling for a limited selection of indicators and additional in-depth modelling of environmental tax reform, environmentally harmful subsidies and food waste.

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