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Resource Efficiency

Universal charger for EU mobile phones


Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted for the introduction of a common charger for all mobile phones sold in the European Union (EU). The measure, which is part of an update to the Radio Equipment Directive, is anticipated to reduce waste and costs for mobile phone users. Read more…

A universal charger that can be used with any mobile phone put onto the EU market will be developed as a result of the recent voting. This will eliminate the need to replace the charger when purchasing a new mobile phone, which is expected to result in less electronic waste being produced. 

The draft law has been informally agreed with the Council of Ministers. Once formal approval is in place, Member States will have two years to transpose the rules into their national laws. Manufacturers will then have one year to comply.

The draft Radio Equipment Directive aims to set harmonised rules for placing radio equipment on the market. This will ensure that the various types of radio equipment devices (such as mobile phones, modems and alarms) do not interfere with each other. It will also ensure that health and safety requirements are being fulfilled, and a number of provisions to help the authorities detect radio equipment that does not comply with the latest safety rules have been supported.

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