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Resource Efficiency

Breadth of material in OREP library continues to grow


The Online Resource Efficiency Platform (OREP) Interactive Library is a dynamic and prominent repository of literature and videos related to resource efficiency. The library covers a number of core resource efficiency topics including green economy and green growth, energy efficiency, waste management, and sustainability thresholds. This breadth and quantity of information makes the library one of the foremost resource-efficiency portals online. Read more…

A significant proportion of library entries concern the resource efficiency agenda within the public sector, typically across European Union Member States. For example, recent entries include a report on the Finnish Government’s national material efficiency programme, the European Environment Agency’s environmental priorities for the coming year, and an analysis of a recent European Commission consultation to propose amendments to European waste management targets.

Numerous collaborative partnership and research institute reports are also included, providing the latest statistics, trends and analysis in the resource efficiency space. Examples include ‘Sharing smart solutions in water’ by the Water Partnership Programme (funded by the World Bank), ‘Opportunities for a circular economy in The Netherlands’ by The Netherlands Organisations for Applied Scientific Research, and ‘A 2020 vision for the global food system’ from the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Additionally, eco-innovation is widely featured due to its importance in driving resource efficiency forward. For example, ‘Footwear recycling gets a kick-start’ describes a new process being trialled for recycling footwear more effectively, while ‘Eco-innovation: greener business through smart solutions’ highlights the work done by the European Union’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme to support innovation among small and medium-sized enterprises.

Items are obtained from a wide array of media sources, including academia, non-governmental organisations, industry, governments and international institutions. A minimum of two items per week are uploaded to the library, with ‘tags’ (key descriptive words) and ‘categories’ (broad resource efficiency-related themes) assigned to each item to aid users’ searches.

All library submissions are gratefully received and considered for publication on the OREP Interactive Library website.

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