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Resource Efficiency

The European Commission launched a new European Innovation Partnership on raw materials


The European Commission has unveiled a new European Innovation Partnership (EIP) that aims to reduce Europe’s dependency on raw materials. The Partnership will bring together Member States and other stakeholders to drive innovative supply concepts and help make Europe a world leader in raw materials exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution by 2020. Read more…

Raw materials are the lifeblood of European industry, with at least 30 million jobs depending on access to them. However, much of Europe’s industry relies heavily on international markets to secure the raw materials it needs. The EIP will reduce this dependency on imports by working to improve supply conditions, source alternatives to rare materials and encourage greater resource efficiency.

The scope of the Partnership covers non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials including metals and minerals and industrial raw materials such as natural rubber, paper and wood. It will help to ensure more sustainable access for European industry to these raw materials by creating better linkages between existing policy instruments and promoting integrated value chains in the private sector. Targets for 2020 include the development of up to ten pilot plants for exploration, mining, processing, collecting and recycling, and the development of substitutes for at least three applications of critical raw materials.

The next step for the EIP is to develop a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) after which it plans to launch a public Call for Commitments in September 2013 to allow contributions from stakeholders. A Communication is planned to be issued in October 2013.

Find more info:

MEMO/13/92: Reducing the EU’s dependency on raw materials: European Innovation Partnership Launched

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