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Resource Efficiency

New brochure on building Europe’s green infrastructure


The European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment has published a brochure entitled ‘Building a green infrastructure for Europe’, which explains what green infrastructure is and what Europe’s strategy for green infrastructure entails. The brochure is available free of charge and provides a number of case study examples that show the benefits of green infrastructure. Read more…

The brochure describes green infrastructure as a network of natural and semi-natural areas, designed to deliver a wide range of ecosystem services while protecting biodiversity in urban and rural areas. This can help enhance the supply of natural resources such as clean water and air. Resulting benefits include a better quality of life, improved biodiversity, protection against climate change and environmental disasters, and a more sustainable approach to development.

Green infrastructure enables several functions to be performed in the same spatial area. According to the brochure, investing in a single area of land with multiple functions can result in financial savings and encourage resource efficient development. This supports Europe’s 2020 Strategy and different European Union (EU) and nationally driven policies in the fields of agriculture and rural development, forestry, biodiversity, water, flood protection, climate change, green growth, transport and energy, sustainable urban development, health and spatial planning.

The brochure addresses Europe’s Green Infrastructure Strategy, which was published in May 2013. It also analyses the different components of a green infrastructure and the contribution of the Natura 2000 network of protected sites. Furthermore, it includes information on the Strategy’s main elements, such as the promotion of green infrastructure in the main EU policy areas, support and improved access to finance for relevant projects, and improved information and innovation.

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