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Legislation proposed to ratify the second phase of the Kyoto protocol


The legislation required to ratify the second phase of the Kyoto protocol on climate change was proposed by the European Commission (EC) last week. European Member States have already been committed to the targets included in this second phase and formal ratification by Europe will help to bring it into force at an international level as soon as possible. Read more…

EC proposals include a Council Decision to ratify the amendment to the Kyoto Protocol that was agreed in Doha in December 2012, which establishes the second commitment period. They also include a Regulation covering technical issues around implementation of the second phase. European Union (EU) Member States and Iceland have committed to achieve a 20% reduction in their joint greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, compared with their base year levels. This is in line with EU and Member State emission reduction measures and the proposed Decision will not change any of the targets set in the 2009 'climate and energy package' of legislation.

The proposals will be considered by the European Parliament and the Council. The EU, Member States and Iceland will also be developing ratification processes at a national level. These will be finalised by February 2015, with the aim of submitting them to the United Nations at the same time so that the Doha amendment can take effect across all Parties simultaneously.

The Doha amendment will come into force internationally as soon as ratification has been formally accepted in three quarters of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. Therefore, 144 out of the 192 Parties will have to ratify the amendment and Europe’s determination to take action could help bring it into force sooner.

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