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Resource Efficiency

New app helps track marine litter found on beaches


The European Environment Agency (EEA) has launched Marine Litter Watch (MLW), a free app that enables users to upload information on litter found on beaches. The data collected are expected to help better understand the issue of marine litter and potentially support Europe in reaching the objectives of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). Read more…

MLW is based on the MSFD monitoring guidelines developed by the Technical Group on Marine Litter, a group of experts supporting the implementation of the MSFD. Users can upload data on the composition, origin and quantities of litter they find on beaches, while the app also allows the collection of data from specific initiatives, such as beach clean-ups.

The information collected may help improve the evidence base around marine litter. This is necessary to ensure that Europe’s seas can achieve good environmental status by 2020, as required by the MSFD. Data can be collected and submitted by members of the public and organised groups that are already involved in combating marine litter.   

MLW has been developed by the EEA in collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society, the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia, the North Sea Foundation and the PERSEUS FP7 research project.

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