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Resource Efficiency

Environment Commissioner tunes in to help save the planet


The European Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potočnik, has pledged to compose and sing a song on stage if 1,000 people stop using their cars for at least one week as part of the 2013 Earth Hour event. His offer is in response to the innovative ‘I Will If You Will’ challenge, part of this year’s initiative organised by the WWF, which aims to persuade people to turn off their lights on 23 March to save energy and raise awareness of environmental protection. Read more…

The ‘I Will If You Will’ challenge is daring people to save the planet by encouraging participation in environmental protection on a mass scale. Commissioner Potočnik launched his pledge in a video on the campaign’s YouTube website in a novel move to highlight how our everyday decisions and lifestyles impact upon our environment and quality of life.

Transport represents 25% of Europe’s energy consumption and is one of the largest sources of pollution in the world. In his video, the Commissioner says leaving your car at home for a day may not sound like much – but if enough people take small steps, it ‘makes a giant leap forward’.

A spokesman said the Commissioner had never written or performed music on stage before but the message was about using less energy, producing less pollution and generally helping draw attention to Earth Hour. So far, more than 350 people have stepped forward to accept Commissioner Potočnik’s challenge.

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