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Resource Efficiency

Waste•smART– Europe’s wastes become the inspiration for art


The winners of Waste•smART, a competition where European citizens are invited to produce a photo, video or cartoon related to waste, were announced last week. Five winners were selected by the European Environment Agency (EEA) from 30 finalists. Two hundred entries from 29 European countries were submitted in this year’s competition. Read more…

European citizens are estimated to generate half a tonne of household waste per person each year. Waste•smART aims to raise awareness around the environmental, social and economic issues linked to waste and encourage people to adopt more sustainable habits, such as reuse and recycling. It also aims to inform people of the large amount of resources used to manufacture everyday goods, such as raw materials, energy and water, and highlight the importance of using these resources efficiently.

Awards were given to the best photo, video and cartoon, the best young artist between the ages of 18 and 24 and the public’s favourite artist, selected through an online poll. This year’s winners were Stephen Mynhardt from Ireland for his cartoon entitled ‘Collective responsibility’, Stipe Surańá from Croatia in the photo category, Sebastian Loghin from Romania with his video ‘Recycle’, Konstantinos Pappas from Greece who won the youth prize with his animation ‘The Aim’, and Irene Sanfiel from Spain in the public choice category for her photo ‘The waste coast’.

The judging panel consisted of communications and environmental experts from across Europe. Almost 1800 people took part in the vote for the public choice award. All winners received a €500 cash prize and shortlisted entries will be promoted in 2014 through EEA publications and events relevant to the topic of waste and resource efficiency.

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