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Resource Efficiency

Civic leaders advised on how to make cities great


The global management consultancy, McKinsey & Company, has published a new report on the factors that make a city a superior place to live and work. The report, ‘How to make a city great’, evaluates a number of indicators to establish some key steps that leaders can take to make their cities economically, socially and environmentally world class. Read more…

Around 60% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2030. Urbanisation at an exceptional rate means leaders across the world need to think strategically about how to maintain the competiveness of their cities, without risking environmental integrity. McKinsey’s report aims to develop the skills of those in charge of managing city strategies and to fill the gaps in research available to advise leaders on what they can do to improve the urban environment.

McKinsey interviewed 30 mayors and other city leaders across the world and examined over 80 case studies. The research identified three main areas that leaders of successful cities do well. These are achieving smart growth, which incorporates environmental considerations into economic decision making, doing more with less through lower cost but higher quality infrastructure and services, and winning support for change through recruiting and retaining top talent, emphasising collaboration and training civil servants in the use of technology.

The report emphasises the importance of planning for the long term by city leaders putting in place solid systems that nurture continual improvement and enhance the environment. Through the use of case studies from cities such as Copenhagen and Singapore, this latest piece of research offers sound guidance and support for city leaders across the world.

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