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Resource Efficiency

Circular Economy 100 Programme launched to form innovative global business alliance


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has launched a global platform, the Circular Economy 100 Programme, through which engaged businesses will attempt to accelerate the transition to a circular economy over a three-year period. It is hoped that the Programme will stimulate the development of the circular economy, foster collaboration and unlock its economic potential. Read more…

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has generated a surge of interest from businesses and governments in the circular economy concept since it published its first report ‘Towards the Circular Economy, Vol. 1. This highlighted an opportunity worth USD630 billion for businesses that endorse the innovative concept and was followed by Vol. 2, which focused on the opportunities available to the consumer goods sector.

In the wake of the interest in these reports, the Foundation has created the Circular Economy 100 Programme, which will support businesses in realising the economic and environmental benefit of the concept. Eighteen multinational companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, Renault, IKEA Group and Desso, have already confirmed their membership of the Programme, which will seek to provide them with privilege access to a range of academic and practical tools. The Programme is based on the principle that a global alliance across the business community can realise greater value, and faster. It is working to the objective of creating an aggregated economic benefit of USD10 billion for participating companies.

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