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Resource Efficiency

New regulation introduced to lower truck and bus emissions


European legislation has come into force which aims to improve health and the environment by reducing nitrogen oxides and dust emitted from new types of trucks and buses. The legislation, called the Euro VI norm, is designed to achieve a reduction of 80% in emissions of nitrogen oxides and 66% in particulate matter, compared with 2008 levels under the previous Euro V norms.  Read more...

The new regulation lays down common EU rules for pollutant emissions from heavy motor vehicles and their engines. It was developed in line with the principles of Better Regulation, and following recommendations from the High Level Group for Competitive Automotive Regulatory System for the 21st century (CARS21 Choose translations of the previous link  ) and feedback from a public consultation.

The Euro VI norm legislation, effective from 31 December 2012, will have a positive impact on industry by introducing worldwide, harmonised, test procedures and standards which should help boost European automotive exports. The Euro VI norm is also designed to simplify EU automotive legislation and enable it to be implemented more quickly. These directly applicable regulations have replaced directives, thus eliminating the time required for their transposition into 27 different national legislations.

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