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Resource Efficiency

Conference calls for shift away from labour to resource productivity


An international development conference has called for countries to move away from production that is based on using labour and resources, to one that is based on resource-efficient productivity. Speakers at the Paris Forum 2013, ‘Towards a Sustainable Economic Paradigm: From Labour to Resource Productivity’, emphasised that green growth is an essential part of achieving a global transition to a green economy and a more sustainable development mode for all. Read more…

The conference, organised by the French development agency, ADP, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme, focused on the unprecedented strain on natural resources being experienced globally within the existing economic development model. Speakers emphasised that a decrease in the use of scarce raw materials and fewer environmental impacts were needed. They called for the urgent development of a new model, which would separate economic growth from an increase in raw material use.

A green economy is defined as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. A green economy is low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive. The conference was told that the new economic model should be based on a green economy for green growth; regulatory, policy and financing frameworks for a green economy; and a green industry for a strengthened economy.

Speaking at the conference, the European Commissioner for Environment, Janez Poto─Źnik, said that growth had previously been too dependent on labour productivity. He suggested that growth must now be determined by ‘total factor productivity’, which captures the impact of innovation and technological change. He said that resource efficiency was a key modern innovation and therefore essential to sustainable growth.

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