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Resource Efficiency

Results of OREP flash survey on resource efficiency and investment decisions


A recent flash survey on the Online Resource Efficiency Platform (OREP) website has now closed and the results published. The survey asked investors and other interested stakeholders to give their views on how much importance they attributed to resource efficiency when making investment decisions. The input of all participants is gratefully acknowledged.  Read more…

The survey sought views from three different target stakeholders. First, investors were asked whether resource efficiency was a criterion when making investments recommendations and, if so, which data or indicators were used. Second, companies were asked whether they reported on resource efficiency, what data and/or methodologies were used, and to what extent it attracted investors. Finally, all interested stakeholders were asked whether they supported resource efficiency becoming a more prominent criterion for investment and which methodologies they felt were most appropriate for doing so.

The survey revealed that Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators are used to consider strategy recommendations including economic performance indicators and environmental performance indicators (e.g. materials, energy, water, biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions). Company respondents who said they reported on sustainability and resource efficiency felt this did help to attract investors.

Participants suggested that the most important indicator of resource efficiency implementation should be environment-friendly and energy-efficient product ranges. Respondents were also in favour of further developing the efficient use of resources through sustainable consumption and production, and the promotion of sustainable industrial policies in the EU and internationally.

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