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Resource Efficiency

‘Living well, within the limits of our planet’ to form the basis of environmental policy for the next seven years


The Council and the European Parliament recently reached agreement on the Decision of the 7th EU Environment Action Programme (7th EAP). The ambitious programme, titled ‘Living well, within the means of our planet’, identifies nine priority objectives for the period to 2020, and will enter into force in the coming weeks. Read more…

The 7th EAP identifies three main thematic priority objectives: enhancing sustainable and resource efficient growth; protecting and enhancing our natural capital; and addressing environment-related health risks. The Programme sets out a framework to support the achievement of the objectives via better implementation of EU environmental law, state of the art science and research, securing the investment needed to support environment and climate change policy; and increasing the integration of environmental concerns into other policies,

The launch was welcomed by the European Commission, with the European Environment Commissioner, Janez Poto─Źnik, commenting: “The fact that the co-legislators agreed to increase the level of ambition in quite a number of areas shows that environment and climate challenges remain priorities for the EU. We all need to realise that tackling Europe's environment and climate challenges is not only essential in its own right but is also in fact an opportunity for long-term growth and societal wellbeing.”

The vision underpinning the programme is that in 2050, people will be leading a prosperous life, in a healthy environment and will enjoy a developed, low-carbon, circular economy where resources are not wasted and biodiversity is thriving. The programme draws on a number of other strategic environmental initiatives including: the Resource Efficiency Roadmap; the 2020 Biodiversity Strategy; and the Low Carbon Economy Roadmap

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