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Resource Efficiency

Industry key to conserving forests as demand for wood set to triple


The latest ‘Living Forests Report’ from the WWF predicts that paper production and consumption may double in the next three decades and overall wood consumption could triple as a result of demands from a growing population and an increase in the use of wood for bioenergy. Read more…

The WWF’s forest conservation target is zero net deforestation and forest degradation (ZNDD) after 2020. The target requires the loss of natural forests to be reduced to near zero, down from the current 13 million hectares a year, and held at that level indefinitely.

The report says the key challenge for forest-based industries is how to supply more wood products with less impact on nature. This challenge spans the whole supply chain, from where and how wood is grown and harvested to how wisely and efficiently it is processed, used and reused.

WWF’s research suggests that it is possible to achieve ZNDD while sustaining a vibrant wood products industry that meets people’s needs. It calls for responsible stewardship and outlines a number of possible solutions. These include fairer consumption patterns, more efficient and responsible forestry practices, good governance and greater transparency. The report also calls for more recycling in countries with low recycling rates.

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