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Resource Efficiency

Germany aims to become most resource efficient economy in the world by 2020


In 2012, the German Federal Government adopted a national resource efficiency programme, commonly referred to as ProgRess. The aim of the programme is to increasingly decouple resource consumption from economic growth and to build a sustainable society. The overall goal is for Germany to become the most resource efficient economy in the world by 2020. Read me...

ProgRess is designed to minimise negative environmental impacts while maintaining economic growth. It also seeks to recognise Germany’s responsibility for the global environmental and social costs arising from the country’s use of natural resources. It is based around considering the entire resource value chain, the key components of which are securing a sustainable supply of raw materials, increasing resource efficiency in production and building a resource efficient recycling economy.

Although implementation is at an early stage, consultations and technical expertise are already being offered to help companies increase resource efficiency through the German Association of Engineers’ (VDI) Centre for Resource Efficiency. By 2016, a national platform will be established, the VDI centre for Resource Efficiency will be expanded, and advisory programmes for small and medium sized enterprises and consumers will be strengthened.

In the longer term, ProgRess will also seek to implement and further develop the Government’s raw materials strategy. This is regarded as an important aim, with the strategy expected to create more jobs and strengthen Germany’s international competitive position, not to mention the numerous sustainability benefits. Progress reports will be provided to the Bundestag every 4 years, with the first planned for 2016.
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