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Resource Efficiency

European Resource Efficiency Platform calls for a strong resource productivity target


At its plenary meeting on 31 March, the European Resource Efficiency Platform (EREP) called upon the EU to set a target to double – at least – resource productivity by 2030 in order to boost competitiveness and improve the quality of life of our citizens. Such a target would be equivalent to an increase of resource productivity of well over 30% by 2030.  Read more…

This call was made as part of a set of policy recommendations, including promoting new and resource efficient business models, boosting extended producer responsibility (incentives for producers to improve waste management solutions), making sustainable choices more accessible and affordable to consumers, embedding sustainability in employment and education, and encouraging investment in innovation related to resource efficiency.

EREP encourages the European Commission to integrate the recommendations into its forthcoming Communication on the Circular Economy. It also requests that the European Parliament, Commission and Council use the Europe 2020 mid-term review as an opportunity to ensure that resource efficiency and the circular economy are integral parts of the Europe 2020 agenda to deliver smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The EREP was established in June 2012. In the face of an economic crisis in Europe and growing global demands on natural resources, it issued a Manifesto outlining a pathway to a circular, resilient and resource-efficient economy. EREP subsequently adopted an initial set of recommendations – ‘Action for a Resource Efficient Europe’ – in June 2013 to tackle a first set of priority policy issues at hand. As part of EREP’s continued ambition towards driving resource efficiency as an economic strategy and to address increasing pressure on natural resources, it finally adopted a second, final set of recommendations on 31 March 2014. 

The EREP Manifesto and policy recommendations as well as information about the Platform's mandate, members and meetings can be found here.

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