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Resource Efficiency

RESFOOD project reaches mid-way point


The Resource Efficient and Safe Food Production and Processing (RESFOOD) project is developing innovative technologies with the aim of boosting resource efficiency and safety throughout the food chain – from horticulture to food processing and retail.  RESFOOD research partners have achieved encouraging results at the mid-way point. Read more…

RESFOOD began in November 2012 with EUR 4.3 million funding under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. The project aims to develop innovative technologies for recycling, recovering and re-using nutrients, energy, water and biomass throughout the food production and processing cycles to maximise resource efficiency and minimise waste.

The RESFOOD consortium has 18 partners. Of these, 10 are SMEs from six countries and include research institutions, end-users and suppliers. Having now reached the mid-way point, the partners have presented their research activities.

In trials, the project partners working in horticulture technologies have proved that, in soilless cultivation, it is possible to reduce water consumption by 40%, but maintain the same fruit quality and yield. The benefits for producers are that they could reduce the total fertilisers and biological control agents used, so reducing production costs.

The by-products from the food and vegetable industry are used for feed or to make bioenergy. However, these by-products contain many useful compounds such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and minor compounds including vitamins and carotenoids. Project partners working in the area of biomass recovery have been reviewing how these compounds can be used in different stages of the food chain or in other industries such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

During the remaining period of the project until 2015, the partners will focus on advancing what has been achieved so far in the laboratories by using production units and processing lines of the project’s industry partners.

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