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Resource Efficiency

DG Environment launches comprehensive review of waste and recycling targets

4 June 2013 – 10 September 2013

The European Commission, Directorate-General Environment, has launched a consultation on the targets set out in the Waste Framework, Landfill, and Packaging and Packaging Waste Directives. Citizens, businesses, NGOs, public authorities and other interested parties are invited to contribute their views until mid-September 2013.  Read more…

The review of the European Waste Management Targets is intended to fulfil the obligation to re-evaluate the targets and ensure they are supporting the Commission's more recently established aspirations for resource efficiency as outlined in the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe and the proposal for the 7th Environmental Action Programme Choose translations of the previous link  . The Roadmap sets out targets for EU waste policy, which aim that by 2020 waste generation should be in absolute decline, reuse and recycling should be at their maximum level, EU waste policy should have been fully implemented, and the use of landfill should have been virtually eliminated.

The Commission is examining whether, and how, EU waste targets should be adapted to achieve these objectives, and the consultation will gather views on the desirability of reinforcing the existing targets or introducing new ones. Stakeholders are asked to comment on caps regarding the amount of waste that can be sent for incineration and the introduction of targets for new waste streams such as wood, food waste and textiles.

The consultation is part of the first phase of DG Environment’s Targets Review Project. The second phase will consider the impacts of the preferred options that emerge from phase one.

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