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DG Environment holds public consultation on the Green Paper on plastic waste

7 March 2013 – 7 June 2013

The European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment, is holding a public consultation on the recently unveiled Green Paper on plastic waste. The consultation is aimed at citizens, organisations and public authorities. Read more…


The Green Paper, ‘On a European Strategy on Plastic Waste in the Environment’, intends to initiate debate regarding numerous policy proposals to reduce plastic waste generation, which is currently not specifically addressed in EU waste legislation. The policy proposals include phasing out or banning the landfilling of plastic, reducing the number of plastic bags in circulation, introducing more ambitious plastic waste targets, and introducing ‘deposit and return’ schemes.

There are twenty-six questions in the Green Paper. They cover a range of topics, including existing waste management legislation and what measures would improve it, plastic recycling targets and schemes, the environmental impacts of plastics, and possible international action.

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