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Resource Efficiency

DG Environment seeks evidence for review of groundwater rules

Open until 29 April 2013

The European Commission has put out a Call for Evidence to support a review of groundwater pollution standards. It is asking stakeholders to submit a range of information sources to underpin the impact assessment in relation to Annexes I and II of the Groundwater Directive 2006/118/EC, which are required to be reviewed every six years. A full public consultation will be launched in the summer. Read more…

Annex 1 of the Groundwater Directive sets out quality standards on nitrate and pesticide concentrations. Annex II sets out how Member States should establish threshold values for all pollutants that may threaten groundwater. The Commission is asking interested stakeholders to provide information, studies, scientific reports, good practice or other data to support the review of both annexes.

Information requested includes technical details of pollutants that can potentially cause harm to European waters, information on quality environmental standards or threshold values, and evidence on costs and benefits of risk prevention and mitigation. The Commission also asks stakeholders to submit evidence on socio-economic or environmental impacts.

A number of data and information sources have already been identified by the Commission and it requests that stakeholders only submit evidence on sources not already covered. A list of sources not required can be found in the Call for Evidence (see link below). A public consultation will be held in the summer of 2013 to collect opinions on different policy options, identify missing options and gather data on impacts. A stakeholder workshop will be held in October 2013 to discuss the preliminary conclusions and the remaining knowledge gaps.

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Participate in the Call for Evidence

Groundwater Directive 2006/118/EC

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