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Resource Efficiency

DG Environment holds public consultation on the revision of the current EU legal framework on environmental inspections

22 February 2013 – 26 May 2013

The European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment, is holding a public consultation on the revision of the EU legal framework on environmental inspections. The consultation is aimed at national, regional and local authorities with environmental enforcement responsibilities, trans-European and national networks of environmental professionals, businesses, environmental non-governmental organisations, outdoor recreational organisations and citizens. Read more…

The consultation seeks the views of stakeholders, at both national and EU level, on the main concepts for the revision of the current EU environmental inspection framework. In particular, it will build upon previous consultations by gathering views on proposals for the design of a new horizontal binding instrument on environmental inspections, which the Commission, subject to the conduct of a full impact assessment, intends to propose later this year.

Questions covered include EU level capacity for environmental inspections, the overall role of environmental enforcement, in particular inspections, and compliance promotion. Other questions include the criteria for organising, planning, carrying out and following up environmental inspections within Member States, the co-ordination and streamlining of enforcement within Member States, and co-operation on trans-boundary inspection work.

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