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Resource Efficiency

European Commission seek views on biodiversity protection initiative

5 May 2014 – 26 September 2014

The European Commission is undertaking an online consultation to seek public opinion on a future European Union (EU) initiative that aims to halt biodiversity loss. The consultation seeks the views of public authorities, business, non-governmental organisations and interested citizens on a future EU initiative on No Net Loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Read more...

Biodiversity is widely in decline around the world, often due to human activities. No Net Loss will aim to halt this decline, balancing any losses resulting from human activities with gains, thereby adhering to the principle of No Net Loss. Achieving No Net Loss would require all planned developments that are likely to negatively impact biodiversity to follow the ‘mitigation hierarchy’. This is a priority of actions – firstly, negative impacts are avoided; secondly, where impacts cannot be avoided, their damage is minimised; and, finally, the residual adverse impacts are offset or compensated for.

The EU and its Member States have a variety of legal measures and policies dedicated to biodiversity protection. However, biodiversity loss remains a significant problem and there are still numerous gaps in European legislation and policy, particularly outside protected Natura 2000 areas. The No Net Loss initiative will aim to fill some of these gaps.

The consultation seeks views on how to develop the No Net Loss policy, and ensure that impacts are avoided, minimised and compensated for. It also welcomes comment on the scope and scale of the initiative, which drivers of biodiversity loss and which economic sectors to include, how to tackle the challenges related to offsetting and the choice of policy instruments to use.

The consultation will be online until 26 September 2014.

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