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Towards a Resource Efficient Europe – EPR for packaging waste – success factors moving forward

18 March 2014: Brussels, Belgium

A one-day conference to be held in Brussels will highlight the key success factors of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes for packaging waste. The event also aims to analyse the role of the industry and relevant stakeholders in establishing improved schemes that are more transparent and cost-effective. Read more…

The European Commission is reviewing EPR, as it is a policy tool that can help improve recycling and recovery rates for packaging waste. The conference will feature four panel discussions that will cover the objectives of the latest EPR review, the role of industry and stakeholders, ways to drive post-consumer packaging collection, and ways to ensure effective and transparent EPR schemes. Each panel will include industry representatives and public European organisations.

Karl Falkenberg, Director General of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment, will be delivering the keynote speech. The day will include various opportunities for networking and dedicated time for questions to the four panels.

The event is organised by Fondation EurActiv, a Belgian public organisation aiming to bring together individuals and organisations to help shape European Union policies. The event is also supported by the European Organisation forPackaging and the Environment (EUROPEN), an industry organisation representing companies with an interest in packaging and packaged products. 

For more information, please visit the event website  

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