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Resource Scarcity and the Circular Economy

30 April 2013: London, UK

This one-day conference will bring together government representatives, business executives, environmental experts, product designers, innovators and sustainability leaders to share strategies on eliminating waste, innovating for the future and capitalising on new business models. It aims to form a basic framework on how to move towards and compete in a global, circular economy. Read more…

The volatility of the global economy and significant evidence of resource depletion are making the case stronger for governments and businesses to find innovative solutions and business models. However, new international research from the UK-based Carbon Trust suggests that businesses are not prepared for global resource scarcity.

The conference, organised by Sustainable Business magazine, will provide insights into building a closed-loop business, discuss evolving business models for tackling resource efficiency and hear case studies on how innovation has been stimulated in leading global organisations. Invited speakers include Stef Kranendijk, Chairman of Desso; Stuart Bailey, Head of Sustainability and Climate Change, UK National Grid; and Robert Metzke, Senior Director, EcoVision Programme, Philips.

For more information, please visit the conference website.

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