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Resource Efficiency in Europe: reducing Europe’s land dependency and its impacts

3 December 2012: Brussels, Belgium

This half-day conference, organised by Friends of the Earth Europe, will address the causes of and solutions to, Europe’s unsustainable dependence on land.  Read more...

The conference will address the underlying causes of land dependency, with a focus on Europe’s high consumption demands. It will also assess how this land footprint can be reduced, and discuss the latest policy developments and how they could lead to both social and environmental benefits.

Speakers at the conference will include:

  • Karl Falkenberg – Director-General, DG Environment
  • Martin Bruckner – Research Fellow, Sustainable Europe Research Institute
  • Philipp Schepelmann – Project Manager, Material Flows and Resource Management, Wuppertal Institute
  • Ruth Kelly – Economic Policy Advisor, Oxfam UK

For more information, please visit the conference website

To register for the conference, please click here

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