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European Week for Waste Reduction - Let’s Clean Up Europe!

10 May 2014: Europe-wide

Millions of tonnes of litter end up in the oceans, beaches, forests and other natural areas each year in Europe and the rest of the world. To raise awareness of the problem and to encourage behaviour change, the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is coordinating a Europe-wide annual clean-up day on 10 May 2014. Read more…

The main causes of litter are unsustainable production and consumption, poor waste management strategies and a lack of awareness among the population. ‘Let’s Clean Up Europe!’ aims to encourage and mobilise the public to take part in cleaning up their environment so they can see how much waste is being generated and dumped in their neighbourhood.

The actions implemented in the EWWR address the ‘3Rs’ – Reduce waste, Reuse products, and Recycle material. Events are being coordinated by national authorities responsible for waste management and are being organised by local authorities, non-governmental organisations, business and industry, educational establishments and individuals.

If you would like to register a local clean-up action, please contact the coordination team responsible for your area.

For more information visit the event website

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