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Children and Youth Publications

Children Publications

NATURE WATCH – The Flight of the Cranes is a publication from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment, designed to educate and entertain children aged 7-11. This publication offers fascinating facts about Europe’s bird migration, biodiversity, plus ideas for what children can do themselves to protect the natural environment. It also features a ‘story book’ built around children’s own observations which invites young readers to make their own contributions.


Tom and Lila series:

These 20-page illustrated books are for children up to nine years of age. Tom and Lila the fox are friends. Together they go on several adventures which help Tom discover how to respect and protect the environment. These products are available in print, as PDF and as an E-book for mobile devices.

Benny's a champion! Tom and friends learn that building a new bike with used parts not only saves money and the Earth's valuable resources.

Policy area: Resource Efficiency and Waste

Hope for the Kayakos Tom and Lila visit the Kayakos people. They are shocked to discover bulldozers have destroyed the village and surrounding trees.

Policy area: Sustainable Consumption and Production

Blossom Lane Air pollution caused by heavy city traffic is the focus of this book. Fleur and Tom unwittingly embark on an adventure down dangerous and congested Hassle Lane, only to learn about the environmental and personal safety dangers of road traffic.

Policy area: Air Pollution

A present for Timmy This book makes children more aware that too much packaging is not good and that toy safety is essential.

Policy area: Waste

The Blue Island This book shows the damage that is caused by poaching and illegal coral harvesting on tropical islands. Children learn to appreciate the biodiversity of a coral reef.

Policy area: Convention on International Trade in Exotic Species (CITES)

Together! Tom and Lila discover the importance of biodiversity and Natura 2000 sites.

Policy area: Nature and Biodiversity

What scorching weather! This book explains the causes and effects of global warming through the story of a boy who helps firemen extinguish a forest fire and save his friend Lila the fox.

Policy area: Climate Change

You beautiful swallows! Here Tom and Lila discover the importance of protecting the habitats of wildlife.

Policy area: Nature and Biodiversity, Pesticides

The salmon from the the red spring Tom and Lila learn how precious clean water is and that we should protect it from pollution.

Policy area: Water


Let me tell you a secret about the environment In this book Tom and Lila discover the irreversible damage that is caused to the environment if we do not respect it.

Policy area: Water, Waste and Climate Change


You can download the following publications in this free e-book:

- Let me tell you a secret about the environment
- The salmon from the red spring
- Beautiful swallows!
- What scorching weather!
- Together!
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You can download the following publications in this free e-book:

- The Blue Island
- A present for Timmy
- Blossom Lane
- Hope for the Kayakos
- Benny’s a champion!
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Tom and Lila series - Activity book:

Imagine and draw a better environment with Tom Without words, this colouring book for children will help them learn about the environment by creatively illustrating different scenarios.

Teens publications

Would you drink your wastewater? Read on to explore the journey of water as we use it in our daily lives, from how it reaches our taps to its passage through sewers and treatment plants to rivers and the sea, where we can enjoy it once more. Available in print, as a PDF and as an E-Book

Parents and teachers notes

Tom and Lila - Teaching Notes To support the Tom and Lila stories above – in PDF format only
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Zoe makes a splash - Teaching Notes: To support Zoe Makes a Splash! – in PDF format only