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The EU Noise Expert Network

In 1998, on the occasion of the Copenhagen conference, the European Commission created an EU noise Expert Network, whose mission was to provide assistance in the development of the European noise policy.

An expert group on environmental noise was established, comprising representatives of all the interested stakeholders - Member States, local authorities, industry, NGOs. In order to provide guidance, a set of working groups was also established. An overview of the EU Noise Expert Network is provided here (pdf ~70K). More information on Noise steering group meetings and works carried out by its related Working Groups are available on CIRCA.

The working groups delivered several position or working papers, with the view to assist the Commission in the development of the EU noise policy and to support Member States regarding its implementation. Currently, Working Group "Assessment of exposure to noise" (terms of reference (pdf ~60K)) and Working Group on Airport Noise (terms of reference frfr(pdf ~20K)) are still active.

Available position and working papers are made available here.