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The Seventh Environment Action Programme of the European Community 2002-2012

Public Consultation on the EU environment policy priorities for 2020: Towards a 7th EU Environment Action Programme

The European Commission is preparing a new general EU Environment Action Programme setting out priority objectives to be attained.

A public consultation was organised from 12 March until 1 June 2012 aiming at collecting the views of all stakeholders, at EU and national level, and the public at large on the environment policy priorities up to 2020. Informed opinions were sought on the priority areas to be addressed and on the most effective tools for the EU to employ in addressing the challenges described in the consultation document.

Some stakeholders submitted their views also in writing as 'position papers' during the same period. These are the written contributions received:

1. NGOs

2. National Authorities

3. Industry

4. Others 

5. Individuals